July 2

Underwater World

Issyk Kul is usually in the center of attention even outside beach seasons. Can you guess why ? Because there is much more the one can get from the place than simple entertainment…

The lake itself hides so many legends and facts (which seem even more incredible than legends) that the amount of joy from listening to them can be just as great as sunbathing on its golden sands.

Today I will share one of the facts with you: Did you know that once there existed a whole city of the huge civilization in the place of Issyk Kul? Researches found that the ancient city of Chigu, capital of Usuns located exactly there!

June 28

Bostery Village

Bostery is one of the cute villages around the lake of Issyk Kul. The village stands out with the fact that it is exceptionally beautiful unlike others.

In Kyrgyzstan, the one usually thinks of dusty streets, uncivilized neighborhoods and grayness around when talking about villages. However, Bostery is a place, which can compete with the best beaches around the Pearl of Kyrgyzstan – Issyk Kul!

Below you will take a little virtual tour around the village and see what it offers to the dear visitors, besides its incredibly crystal clear water of the lake and village traditions:

June 16

Hello Summer!

Let me tell you, friends, this season of summer came much faster than in a blink of an eye! Were we not talking about beautiful spring and soe fun activities to do in that season just yesterday? And now it is almost the middle of summer…

Anyways, we now have no more time to spend in shock, so let us jump in to what we can do for super vacation! In Kyrgyzstan, there is actually no need to think much on where to go, since everyone knows this: there can be no better destination than Issyk Kul lake for the longest holidays of the year!

It is really interesting that the beaches of Issyk Kul are full of not only locals, but also foreign visitors in summer. Therefore, you can now check out their comments in English on Trip Advisor right now and enjoy the photos uploaded!

June 4

Trekking the Planet

There is nothing better to learn about something than seeing live examples, having visual details. I will apply this fact today with the topic of trekking in Kyrgyzstan.

Thanks to the awesome team of trekkers, here we have an access to this video below. It includes the captions from the trekking tour around Kyrgyzstan’s most remote, yet greatest destinations. No wonder that after watching it, you will have much more clear idea of what it is like to go trekking in Tash Rabat, Song Kul and Karakol natural park. Why not to wish you enjoy watching then!

May 27

Trekking in KG


Wishing you guys to have a great day, I keep on sharing the best findings for this week with you!

Last time we talked about equitrekking, which lets you ride a horse and go trekking at the same time. However, what if you don’t know how to ride or just do not wish to trek with horses? No big problem, there is enough amount of classic trekking tours around.

For instance, in Kyrgyzstan, it may take just half an hour to find yourself in a perfect place for trekking. They are this close to beautiful and virgin nature… What I would like to do now is to let you check out five coolest trekking tour packages. To see them, simply click here!


May 16


Most of us may not have heard such thing as equitrekking. Some may think that it is just the name of an award winning tv show. So, what does it mean after all?

Equitrekking, the word itself, comes from “equestrian” and “trekking” and can be understood as traveling with horses. This activity, in fact stands on the top lists of tourism. Late may, especially now is the start of such tours, since the weather is as perfect as it can be in this season for horseback riding.

Almost every single tour agent is actively offering equitrekking tour packages and I will show you one of them in Kyrgyzstan.  Visit site to take a look at all options and more details.

May 10

Reaching the Sky

What does the tourism in Kyrgyzstan offer nowadays? Well, this is a very big question! Because the range of tourism opportnities in Kyryzstan is much bigger than winter season. Now is the start of the biggest flow of tourists to the country. Why?

The main sights of this land is its mountains and when else could it be more suitable than exploring them with beautiful weather with smiling sunshine and fresh nature, which just woke up? There are so many different ways of enjoying mountains, including horseback riding, jeep tours or simply trekking. However, one of the best and enjoyable ones is of course looking at al of beauty from above: paragliding!

April 23

Canyon #2

It is an excellent idea to meet, more exactly to spend this beautiful season of spring in harmony with nature. It is great that Kyrgyzstan is rich with natura beauty, however, it also makes the choice more difficult. But what am I here for, right?

What I want to show you today is the prototype of the Grand Canyon in Kyrgyzstan – the canyons of Komorchek. Those gorgeous red formations of clay highlands are the results of millions of years of erosion and natural effect on the region.

Nowadays, you will find yourself in the incredible vast territory of a natural labirynth, which is said to be stretching up to two hundred kilometers. Take this chance of beautiful spring weather, which is perfect for spending weekends at Komorchek canyons!

April 17

Ala-Archa Canyon

Nice to see you guys again here on my blog today! What I would like to share with my dear ones this time is that amazing destination, which is always pleasant to visit and that is Ala-Archa National Park!

Spring is going as beautifully as it can this year and the weather is just making people get out of their homes and do something fun outside. Therefore, we notice more and more visitors in touristic spots from now on and the hotels filled with guests!

Ala-Archa is still in the number one list of attractions and this is not a big surprise at all. The Ala-Archa canyon now is at its best, all covered in freshness. This will create and incredibly beautiful atmosphere for the family picnics and active trekking weekends.

April 6

Spring Sightseeing

In such a beautiful time of the year, all the person wants to do is to embrace nature! To meet it with warm greetings and enjoy its warmth and beauty as much as possible!

In Kyrgyzstan, spring is one of the most favorite seasons of people. The reason is that in recent years, the winters in the region are getting longer and people cannot wait seeing warmer days!

Another reason for this love is that spring is full of holidays, including traditional and international. As an example, we can call “Navruz” – the greatest holiday of all (Central Asian New Year), May 9 – the Victory Day and so on.

For those, who would like to take a cultural tour around Kyrgyzstan, it is the most perfect time of the year! Those tours in spring will be filled with joy, colorful traditions and adventures!