October 12

Best of Kyrgyzstan


Among amazing sides, with which Kyrgyzstan stands out, is the fact that the biggest walnut forest on Earth belongs to this country! The forest is a real treasure of not only our country, but also the whole Asia. The trees that have been existing for thousands of years are still rich with fruit and adds pretty much effort to the economy of the region as well. So, what is that lucky area which includes this unique forest? Dear friends, please meet – Arslanbob!

The effective of excluding grazing in the walnut forests, Kyrgyzstan

Situated in the southern part of the country, Arslanbob is rich with not only walnut trees, but also regular visitors for its beautiful and peaceful nature. The forests are spread on the mountains and this is the reason for its perfect atmosphere. Couple of gracious waterfalls add even more sparkles to the beauty of Arslanbob. So, it is definitely worth adding to your “must see places”  list!


October 2

Rocky Mountains vs. Tien Shan


To my country-mate, who sees nothing good in his or her homeland and prefers leaving abroad without looking back:

Dear, did you have any idea that there are tons of treasures you can be proud of about your country? What if I tell you that Kyrgyzstan is greater even than the U.S.?! In what way? Well, literally! It’s Peak Pobeda (Victory) is much higher than the highest peak in Rocky Mountains in Colorado! For you to compare: 7,439 metres (24,406 ft) vs.4,401 metres (14,440 ft).

And now I invite my foreign friends to take a look at our celestial mountains and enjoy the view!


September 26

American Dream in Kyrgyzstan


There is no doubt that every other person in this small country of Central Asia dreams about visiting the United States. For them, it is the land of opportunities, the place which will make them forget all hardships of the world, in one phrase, it is the bed of roses… These expectations came true for some lucky ones, but wouldn’t that be unlike a real world then if it worked for everyone?

People of Kyrgyzstan are always surprised to see American tourists in their country, thinking what can this be, which makes them come all the way from abroad just to see our boring little places. They just have no idea…

They have no idea that the skyscrapers, which they are dreaming about, are actually making foreigners runaway to the untouched mountains with purest air.

They  do not want to believe that technology, which they are following without distraction, is actually making its first users tired of artificial world and bringing them closer to the real world.

There may be some exceptions as well, for which I ask forgiveness, but I tried to make it as general as possible. There are many more contrasts to make between these two worlds, which will appear later on!